Jackal Moms and Slippery snakes!

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In this Second part of the “Waystone” comic series, a young Acolyte undergoes the Joining ceremony in an attempt to join his body with the consciousness of a god. Overseen by the watchful eyes of Artemis, Nailah and her daughter Tsenaya, we see what happens when an acolyte fails, and how at least one of the trio deals with the consequences…

This comic is 25 pages and involves F/M oral & vaginal sex, bondage and breath-play

“Skin Deep” is made possible by my wonderful supporters over on Patreon, who got to see it first as well as provide input on its progression. This is an alternate way to support me and get the files in HD as a “Thank you!”. Since the comic is posted for free publicly, I rely solely on pledges to fund this work.

Included: All 25 pages in HD as well as the cover, WIP images produced during the creation of the comic. All are contained in a 1.53GB .ZIP file. You will need a ZIP/RAR unpacking program to open it.

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