Patreon Archive: Year 3

This archive of 4 ZIP files contains all of the pinup artwork completed for my Patreon Between September 2016- October 2017. The images above are examples of the work done in each month, but there's a ton more to see I assure you!

The suggested price is 25$, but if you're feeling generous please feel free to pay what you think 17+GB of art is worth! Here's what the full archive contains:

67+ HD files of pinup work, inks wallpapers and alternate versions of work done.

66 PSD files of pinups and other work to look at my layer process.

2 Full length process videos

192 sketches and WIP files

Please be sure to download all three files, as you'll need all parts of the archive to extract the entire folder. Thank you for supporting my work or at least thinking about it!

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USD 10.00

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