This comic is intended for adult audiences only-

Geri's come upon some hard times and can't get Tavia a present this year...after working up the courage to tell his husky girlfriend there'll be no presents under the tree, the deer is greeted by an unexpected surprise! This comic is 7 pages and involves f/m, oral and vaginal sex.

I've gone in and fixed a few things with this version of the comic that bugged me about it before, so it's superior to versions you may have seen posted around the internet! The redux of this comic being made available to you is made possible by my wonderful supporters over on Patreon, who got to see it first. This is an alternate way to support me and get the files in HD as a 'thank-you'!

Included: all 7 pages in HD and PSD format as well as the cover, WIP images produced during the creation of the comic. All are contained in a 689MB .ZIP file. You will need a ZIP/RAR unpacking program to open it.

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