Legacy Dakimakura

Oldies but Goldies!

Dakimakura Love Pillow

I've completed a lot of dakimakura over the years, but I can only show a limited amount of products at a time here on E-Junkie. As such I decided to let some of the older dakis simply fade into the background over time.

Due to popular demand, however, I'll be taking orders for these "Legacy" dakimakura on an ad-hoc basis for those of you who'd like to either purchase one for the first time, or if you'd like to replace your current waifu!

These dakimakura are printed on 150x50cm material of your choice and will be shipped via Registered Airmail with a tracking number. Please keep in mind that this dakimakura is being manufactured and shipped directly from the factory in Shenzen, China. It will take roughly one month to reach your doorstep.

*Note: Futa and Pregnancy options are only available on some of the characters.

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USD 65.00 to 80.00


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Futa Options*


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