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I've done a lot of pony-oriented art over the years, and now that the show is ending and MadMable Productions is shutting its doors for the last time, I think it’s fitting that I compile that art and offer it in glorious HD, along with its PSD and WIP files! 

This pack contains...

-All FULL RESOLUTION “Pony” based dakimakura I’ve done over the past 10 years, including “wallscroll” versions.

--23 FULL RESOLUTION pinups along with their PSD files.*

All are contained in a 5.45GB .ZIP file. You will need a ZIP/RAR unpacking program to open it.

The price is $5, but the "suggested price" is $7 because fees suck! I won't complain if you revise it back down to $5 though :3.

*Note, some of the .PSD files for these images were corrupted in a bad hard drive failure I had a few years such, they are not included. The HD versions survived thankfully and are definitely in there! 

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USD 5.00

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