Breeding Boudoir HD

Festive adult art by Scappo!

Downloadable image archive

This archive of 1 ZIP file contains all of the pinup artwork completed for my Patreon for December 2018- an image set called "Breeding Boudoir"! The story revolves around Madeline, a young aristocrat whose parents have arranged for her to breed with the dashing Monsieur Stephane Beaufort. With the help of her nanny and overseer, Simone Villepin, Madeline is about to receive a night she'll never forget!

This download includes the 23 page story accompaniment which was written by my good friend, Alps Sarsis. It really helps set the stage for the vignette, and I recommend reading while following along with the illustrations.

The images above are examples of the archive's content, but there's a more to see I assure you!

The suggested price is $10, but if you're feeling generous please feel free to pay what you think this image set is worth! Here's what the full archive contains:

6 HD files of pinup work, sketches and WIP versions of work done.

8 PSD files of pinups and other work to look at my layer process.

19 sketches and WIP files

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USD 5.00

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