"Adair" Dakimakura

Subby Sergeant Doberman!

Dakimakura pillowcase cover

Adair's usually in charge- barking orders at recruits, dressing down Corporals and reporting to her Lieutenant the goings on of the day.

Little do they all know that when she takes off the uniform and stripes, she puts on cuffs and chains! It's nice to let someone else take control once in a while, and tonight, it's your turn...

This dakimakura is printed on 150x50cm Peach skin material and will be shipped via Registered Airmail with tracking number. Please keep in mind that this dakimakura is being manufactured and shipped directly from the factory in Shenzen, China. It will take at least a month to reach your doorstep.

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USD 65.00 to 80.00


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